“Breast cancer survivorship is a marathon, not a sprint.”
– Marissa Weiss, MD

lotus2It only takes a few seconds to receive the news that you have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Yet from that point on your world has been changed forever.

I believe that the power to heal is strong within each one of us and that there are times when we need experienced guidance to find our way.  A breast cancer diagnosis can pull your feet out from under you, creating the need to find a new sense of ground beneath you.  There is no need for you to struggle alone with your  concerns.

I offer you a place to explore the uncertainty, isolation and the insecurity of finishing treatment.    My intention is to help you discover a deeply personal  awareness and understanding of how you have been altered by your experience of breast cancer.  I would like to help you regain your balance and find your feet on new ground.  Life after treatment can reflect who you are and how you want to be as you continue on your way.

Individual Psychotherapy:
60 minute sessions by appointment in one of my offices or by telephone

Group Psychotherapy:
I facilitate a 90 minute group session focusing on the theme of living with uncertainty.   This group meets weekly and participants are asked to make a 6 month commitment.   There will be a 3 month as well as a 6 month follow up meeting after the group concludes.

“A major theme in breast cancer narratives is a sense of radical alteration.  Although women often assume familiar patterns of life will resume as soon as chemotherapy and radiation end, most still feel profoundly transformed long afterwards.  Surveying the large literature of personal writings on the disease, one observer notes that virtually all wrestle with the question, “Who am I now that I am a person with breast cancer?”
- From “After the Cure” by Emily K. Abel and Saskia K. Subramanian